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Han's Royal Garden Hotel (Beijing Hanzhenyuan Guoji Jiudian) is a boutique hotel within easy reach of popular Beijing attractions like the Forbidden City, Tian'anmen Square, the Beijing Drum Tower and the Beijing Bell Tower. Set within one of the capital's remaining hutong neighborhoods, Han's Royal Garden focuses on personalized service and the presentation of traditional Beijing culture and style in a modern context.

Rooms and suites are available in both Chinese and Western decor in this Beijing hotel.

Both Chinese and Western cuisines are served in two Han's Royal Garden restaurants. Numerous cafés, bars and restaurants are within easy walking distance.[View Detail]
住客评论 260条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • DearGrace
    The perfect location and feel of old Beijing Hutong culture ideal
  • idoef
    As a unique mansion style hotel forbidden city Beijing stay was worth it, and quality of service as 5 stars hotels is not enough.
  • bjf0713
    Chinese courtyard house is distinctive! South Gong and drum lane lane shopping convenient, front desk staff very nice all in all very good!
    Courtyard house remodeled hotel, great charm, was the second time staying here, the living is the first floor, heating is enough, so we as Southerners feel very enjoyable. breakfast is not much, but very clean. adjacent to South drums Lane, is a major reason I chose to live here, where after dinner stroll, and digestion and hits the spot.
  • lexus600
    Very nice courtyard, but live within the area of the second floor, good location remote
  • cui8989110
    Three in three out of the yard, city flavor. 51, and around nanluoguxiang was laid back. just been drifting rain that day, the scenery more beautiful ... rug sofa a little bit old, a little, the virtues
  • gimstar
  • bestai
    We stayed for 4 nights, if I had to choose again, stay two night experience the courtyard is enough, since accommodations and five-star hotels than there is still a wide gap. Hotel Imperial dishes produced good, help booking tours to Simatai service is also in place.
  • aimi918
    Location is good and convenient, quiet. courtyard-style hotel, has five courtyards, 1th, is one of the largest yard on this order, rest is very quiet at night. Suite is large, bed comfortable. staff very polite. shortcomings; breakfast less shower shower ceiling, not convenient.
  • george7888
    Or as quiet as a better choice
  • btlvined
    Located near the South Gong and drum Lane, make quiet. courtyard structure, a two-story building. with breakfast, a simple buffet, and large hotels compared to the buffet could not be expected, but also have enough to eat. Fishpond in the yard, and feel the joy of Koi swim. quiet room facilities good. is the preferred every time I went to Beijing.
  • m03116995
    First thanks Hotel aspects free upgrade of suite. hotel is located in South drums Xiang East alley within. Although outside packed. hotel near people relative compared rare. quiet, daze are is right. room internal clean, due to stairs era more long lift frame relative more short compared suppressed. service completely no pick. due to to shop more early, luggage put in front desk. night back Hotel Hou all luggage are was into room within. has hand led back room. is praise. only insufficient, breakfast miserable points.Girlfriend evaluation of corn is not sweet! very satisfied!
  • AlanTang8
    Environment, good service, good location.
  • bolls
    Hotel in a quiet, pretty good. Unfortunately the hotel's Chinese restaurant is to boast about.
  • Mandy on
    Hotel is located in the South luogu Xiang Hutong, in the courtyard from dongcheng district, a 15-minute walk, stroll in the evening to feel the atmosphere of old Beijing Houhai bar street, hospital facilities, exquisite classical, rockery and water, and is indeed the ancient imperial city in the root style.
  • celia_juan
    Hotel within environment very good is quiet like is live in Palace in, feel through back Imperial has haha! children are play of didn't want to back, on wants to stay in hotel in walk, shopping are not accompany I does! make in the take static, relax, comfortable! out go several step is South drums Xiang also has Beijing very famous of several alley away from Houhai also is near Hotel service good restaurant of earlier varieties too less has, and hotel service and price difference too far, hope can improve!
  • aapt00
    Hotel is very characteristic, the staff was very helpful, is the room is a bit old
  • daisy520daisy
    Copper drums Lane, is a little hard to find, great palace designed by foreigners as a waiter, answered the phone in Chinese are unclear, but very passionate, very elegant and amazing.
  • aronlong
    Hotel on in South drums Xiang inside, location very good, to shichahai, gong Palace, Bell drum are very convenient, is original of General House alterations, make in the take static. garden layout antique of, is experience Beijing courtyard of good place. service also very in place, we original set of room of shower somewhat points problem, call immediately sent people solution, Hou for Lane bad, immediately help I upgrade room, Advisory front desk to all attractions of route is clear detailed of told, fear has problem alsoHelp me to search the Internet for me. the breakfast OK.
  • Gongyu
    Typical Beijing style old House is worth staying at! a chance will come again!
  • ctfun2008
    Alley is located in the old Qin, the environment is very quiet, is said to be the suoetu mansion, just the entrance to the hotel Bellman luggage items, room was large, the hotel layout is beautiful, nice, that is some humidity in the room, particularly large number of mosquitoes, but for this hotel is really great! will continue to support next time.
  • jayeilu
    Nice features, good location, quiet. only thing bed no outlet, cell phone charging no-go.
  • msy001
    Large courtyard, courtyard view Super beauty, free room upgrades so good ... breakfast was something less, will be admitted in the future.
  • fjsm11
    Adjacent to the South Gong and drum Lane, cross is taken outside the House, staff are very polite enthusiasm, recommendation-
  • sisi_cicy
    Lovely hotel courtyard! feel authentic Beijing's best choice! free upgrade to a suite! good!
  • rxy0930
    Good service and facilities is a bit dated, is still recommended.
  • Scottfeng
    In a quiet, recommended.
  • cranestour
    Location good in South drums Xiang in around many alley many House for history lovers staying is away from Metro station slightly far has is because shopping of people more so drag with box staying to find while breakfast varieties too less has this price in five-star hotel can is rich of breakfast so hope can has upgrade room in lamp compared less somewhat dark bathroom of equipment somewhat old has but are is brand of see obtained heart isHope to update any time the sound was bad and I didn't use TV is not very clear
    To to full marks is because satisfaction's! Hotel in of waiter are are is kind, front desk two bit Russia and Italy of small beauty also enthusiastic to and I parents children photo souvenir. hotel outside environment natural no said, courtyard landscape design chic. we staying of culvert Jane Park suite is spacious. Sales Manager Zhang na Miss enthusiasm reception has we, led elderly children visit has whole courtyard, because is satisfaction in the restaurant of dining environment, noon we line people experience has Chinese Office Royal Board room of specialColor food, also good Oh! away from shop Hou accompany father to visits friends, found lost has value expensive of gift tea and water Cup. for middle has turned took taxi, I just hold with try of mentality dialed Zhang Miss phone, didn't thought Zhang Miss and waiter are carefully properly custody has we of items, at father is excited, on hotel service straight vertical thumbs. afternoon back Hotel took back regained of things parents Pro-is happy, Zhang Miss and concierge Department of guys has been put we sentGo out to praise Ah!
  • ms123123
    The environment is good.
  • aodidi
    Good service good
  • aweiwei
    Environment is absolutely better, felt across the, location was excellent
  • cielblue
    Staff were very friendly, and very warm, courtyard-style hotel is very good.
  • Aricguo
    Good location, good service, good facilities, next time you will go to
  • sanxigongsi
    Very quiet in the hotel antique is like living in the Palace to South drums lane in Houhai are good service of the staff easy parking very convenient the hotel lived for 3 days next to Beijing will also choose this hotel
  • jessicaxiao1016
    About 10 minutes ' walk from Xidan station, service very good, Chinese-style breakfast is also good. coincided with 11 points and water that night, and after consulting the Manager on duty was delayed for half an hour without water, sensible recommendations.
  • e00854029
    All right
  • e05900981
    Nice hotel, good surroundings. my friends and I are very satisfied.
  • losec40mg
    Very unique, good in every way, the whole family are satisfied
  • roy1972
    Like a hotel, each living here
  • E00990375
    That's good
  • e00036099
    Nice, the next time you set
  • mirrorsmallcat
    Poetic winter rather than summer, South Gong and drum lane is really close to, 100 m
  • allen_robin
    Facilities and some old!
  • e00519548
    Location is very good, in the busy districts. the unexpected quiet. very nice courtyard. Services, environment and facilities are good. not very convenient parking in the alley. taxi is difficult. but equipped with bike rental, service is more attentive. price/performance.
  • e00251376
    Featured hotels, nice
  • jingjing121
    It wasn't too bad
  • jmyssj
    Very good hotel, room very comfortable. service extremely helpful. just add more Chinese elements in the room would be better.
  • ballball29
    Characteristics of location and culture, of course, should bring the old man to come over very much. naozhongqujing quadrangles, each Hall and the courtyard of the hospital is so elegant, and free the fish happily in the pool.
  • e00173024
    Restaurant staff very good, I am a man with a baby of four months is not convenient meals, they help get sent to my desk, I'm almost finished then offered up more rice, Zambia