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Han's Royal Garden Hotel (Beijing Hanzhenyuan Guoji Jiudian) is a boutique hotel within easy reach of popular Beijing attractions like the Forbidden City,  Tian'anmen Square,  the Beijing Drum Tower and the Beijing Bell Tower. Set within one of the capital's remaining hutong neighborhoods,  Han's Royal Garden focuses on personalized service and the presentation of traditional Beijing culture and style in a modern context.[View Detail]    

住客评论 559条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • livictor
    Worth a visit
  • idoef
    As a unique mansion style hotel forbidden city Beijing stay was worth it, and quality of service as 5 stars hotels is not enough.
  • ballball29
    Characteristics of location and culture, of course, should bring the old man to come over very much. naozhongqujing quadrangles, each Hall and the courtyard of the hospital is so elegant, and free the fish happily in the pool.
  • flora-xu
    Environment, location, but the hardware needs to be further improved.
  • MonsterXu
    Good ... very good
  • c0nfig
    Nice surroundings, with static in the Mong Kok ... service was good
  • bettyun
    People who want to walk around for two or three days, a narrow traffic lane not too convenient car access can only walk. not many people quiet. a total of five yards is not too big, are just more than 30 rooms.
  • e00672466
    Hotel location is very good, very close to Tiananmen Square and the forbidden city in Beijing. is located in the old hutongs of old Beijing, great culture. quiet, elegantly furnished, giving feels good.
  • Allen_Curtana
    Environment is very good, large and comfortable, a Princess
  • bjf0713
    Chinese courtyard house is distinctive! South Gong and drum lane lane shopping convenient, front desk staff very nice all in all very good!
  • lxc020918
    Lived before Eastern Mediterranean suite, although the name was almost room pattern many. in General also said price OK, helpful service staff needs to be improved.
    To to full marks is because satisfaction's! Hotel in of waiter are are is kind, front desk two bit Russia and Italy of small beauty also enthusiastic to and I parents children photo souvenir. hotel outside environment natural no said, courtyard landscape design chic. we staying of culvert Jane Park suite is spacious. Sales Manager Zhang na Miss enthusiasm reception has we, led elderly children visit has whole courtyard, because is satisfaction in the restaurant of dining environment, noon we line people experience has Chinese Office Royal Board room of specialColor food, also good Oh! away from shop Hou accompany father to visits friends, found lost has value expensive of gift tea and water Cup. for middle has turned took taxi, I just hold with try of mentality dialed Zhang Miss phone, didn't thought Zhang Miss and waiter are carefully properly custody has we of items, at father is excited, on hotel service straight vertical thumbs. afternoon back Hotel took back regained of things parents Pro-is happy, Zhang Miss and concierge Department of guys has been put we sentGo out to praise Ah!
  • basot
    Perfect experience
  • ex87419
    Hotel really good, was has set good has hotel, by friends strongly recommended new scheduled, is price also is pretty high of, main advantage also is courtyard, quiet! night 9 o'clock staying, reception of personnel very good, service quite to force, more to force of is I set of luxury room, again see we a three mouth Hou free to rose has suite, in first pieces Suite asked I whether satisfaction Hou has to replacement has more big of a between! is to force, yihou Beijing on you this has
    Hotel location was good but the decoration is very old. is basically a Samsung standards. breakfast sucks eat such poor breakfast for a long time. Juice is a blend of milk are made of dubious origin, porridge is a clear soup. Inside most of the decoration is vintage Western we stayed in 2980. Next day opposite House in paradise
  • beamiracle
    Hotels in each Department in the North of the South Gong and drum lane alley, in a quiet, very nice location! Metro South Gong and drum lane station only a 10 minute walk from, and along the way all good HO HO?! We are four small, baby cots are free at the hotel, two rooms share a small entrance, privacy is good. Hotel known as the 8000 level on the ground, underground 3000? great courtyard falls, hotel waiter with a tour, two cross-court, three North and South Park, and veryStyle, room, restaurant in rosewood, mahogany furniture, like a breakfast on the ground side of the tile decoration, Hey, mahogany furniture is not going to Ming and Qing dynasties, modern tiles can be reference in home decoration! very beautiful very shocking! Rooms clean and tidy, great!, air conditioning, bathrooms with top brands. welcome fruit on the first day, which is a room sound is broken, bathroom mirror TV is the remote control is out of power, could notOpening. the shower? shower were too hard to use, two are fixed head shower room is very big, the water is very small and cannot be adjusted, intermittent, no hand-held shower, especially with children, very convenient, only squat that wash the tap? Big garden, Koi, planted a few large pomegranates! service personnel with children offered food, child like, sat in the courtyard drinking tea and chatting looking at dolls in the yard is too easy! four o'clock in the afternoon train, communication delaysCheck out two points, very good! while the price is little expensive, but very comfortable hotel and recommend it to friends, next time will come again!
  • g0317
    Just beside the South Gong and drum Lane, service is good, but such an expensive hotel not baby chair, room floor with grey, carpet was dirty, all kinds of hair and hair
  • cadstar
    Very good location, hotel design pattern is great, service is really attentive. are bathrooms, by contrast, was also blocked in the shower in the evening, bath with overflow ... but overall was very pleasant
    Good equipment, but maintains enough does, is not very convenient to use.
  • acee555
    Environment is great, very beautiful courtyard floor, quiet and refined and elegant, with sharp contrast to bustling Gong Gu Xiang.
  • ceisar
    The hotel features compared with other five-star hotels there are more Chinese elements except for just a few slight flaws in facility, also looked at the Chinese restaurant, and prices were not that outrageous online evaluation!
  • wangwei1980
    Yard very nice room facilities are generally poor shower head not hand-held shower. Rooms are small victories in the breakfast service quite good location ~
  • jym1975
    Very nice hotel very interesting!
  • dylan1317
    Very unique hotels, unique courtyard with old Beijing flavor, travel is also very convenient, but is located in the alley, the surrounding environment, and very hard to find, hotel's facilities are not as complete as other hotel ... but overall, travel to Beijing, this hotel not a few nights, it's a pity.
  • dongdongge123
    Hotel is very good, the room was large, quiet, around Houhai, South Gong and drum lane ... old city full of flavor!
  • Mandy on
    Hotel is located in the South luogu Xiang Hutong, in the courtyard from dongcheng district, a 15-minute walk, stroll in the evening to feel the atmosphere of old Beijing Houhai bar street, hospital facilities, exquisite classical, rockery and water, and is indeed the ancient imperial city in the root style.
  • AA001
    Features, no features
  • beansge
    Journey into amazing caves, the Royal standard, elegant and quiet, safe Deluxe
  • baobao55
    Very vintage, very unique courtyard! Super in love with tea in the courtyard, quiet, elegant! again!
  • jenny95541
    Very good, especially beautiful, breakfast special is not beautiful, nothing.
  • flamedong
    Overall feeling okay, furnishings in more than modern day theme hotel rooms at shichahai rosewood features, others are also good
  • fireflyling
    Due to is in Ming and Qing dynasties two generation of old General House modified of hotel, for room of looks forward to don't high, with five-star hotel certainly cannot than, but old building of taste is other hotel experience not to of, small of garden layout, antique of tea room, body at downtown is don't has a quiet, these enough to make up room facilities of insufficient. hotel in Qin old alley in, if drive to not too convenient, but go to main road bus line very more, than taxi also convenient. recommended!
  • lyllian
    Customers very satisfied, but there is no double bed room is a bit awkward
  • jerry130
    Personal feeling bad.
  • btlvined
    Located near the South Gong and drum Lane, make quiet. courtyard structure, a two-story building. with breakfast, a simple buffet, and large hotels compared to the buffet could not be expected, but also have enough to eat. Fishpond in the yard, and feel the joy of Koi swim. quiet room facilities good. is the preferred every time I went to Beijing.
  • juutetsu
    Garden Hotel,
  • bitbubu
    Form of quadrangles, no service bad food at the hotel reception warm
  • OO the small light Oo
    Service is good, but poor health
  • msy001
    Large courtyard, courtyard view Super beauty, free room upgrades so good ... breakfast was something less, will be admitted in the future.
  • e00153552
    Very, very like it, never thought I would meet such quadrangle, is well worth it.
  • yanjunyuan
    Hotel antique, great taste, higher price, service was good, modern hotel, change is a good choice.
  • Monica_X
    Beijing, not bad!
  • le0nLiu
    Helping friend, they say good
  • elva73
    And we think it's great
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • enjel
    Staying in the hotel for the second time within a few days, is that seat is very good, hotel was quiet and location in the city center, really good
  • fu_jinyuan
    In addition to bad in the alley outside the taxi and others are all very good. wants to live next time. This is the second time.
  • i7069
    That's good
    Nice, quiet, convenient, highly recommended.
  • bolls
    Hotel in a quiet, pretty good. Unfortunately the hotel's Chinese restaurant is to boast about.