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Han's Royal Garden Hotel (Beijing Hanzhenyuan Guoji Jiudian) is a boutique hotel within easy reach of popular Beijing attractions like the Forbidden City,  Tian'anmen Square,  the Beijing Drum Tower and the Beijing Bell Tower. Set within one of the capital's remaining hutong neighborhoods,  Han's Royal Garden focuses on personalized service and the presentation of traditional Beijing culture and style in a modern context.[View Detail]    

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  • fireflyling
    Due to is in Ming and Qing dynasties two generation of old General House modified of hotel, for room of looks forward to don't high, with five-star hotel certainly cannot than, but old building of taste is other hotel experience not to of, small of garden layout, antique of tea room, body at downtown is don't has a quiet, these enough to make up room facilities of insufficient. hotel in Qin old alley in, if drive to not too convenient, but go to main road bus line very more, than taxi also convenient. recommended!
  • lyllian
    Customers very satisfied, but there is no double bed room is a bit awkward
  • jerry130
    Personal feeling bad.
  • btlvined
    Located near the South Gong and drum Lane, make quiet. courtyard structure, a two-story building. with breakfast, a simple buffet, and large hotels compared to the buffet could not be expected, but also have enough to eat. Fishpond in the yard, and feel the joy of Koi swim. quiet room facilities good. is the preferred every time I went to Beijing.
  • juutetsu
    Garden Hotel,
  • bitbubu
    Form of quadrangles, no service bad food at the hotel reception warm
  • OO the small light Oo
    Service is good, but poor health
  • msy001
    Large courtyard, courtyard view Super beauty, free room upgrades so good ... breakfast was something less, will be admitted in the future.
  • e00153552
    Very, very like it, never thought I would meet such quadrangle, is well worth it.
  • yanjunyuan
    Hotel antique, great taste, higher price, service was good, modern hotel, change is a good choice.
  • Monica_X
    Beijing, not bad!
  • le0nLiu
    Helping friend, they say good
  • elva73
    And we think it's great
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • enjel
    Staying in the hotel for the second time within a few days, is that seat is very good, hotel was quiet and location in the city center, really good
  • fu_jinyuan
    In addition to bad in the alley outside the taxi and others are all very good. wants to live next time. This is the second time.
  • i7069
    That's good
    Nice, quiet, convenient, highly recommended.
  • bolls
    Hotel in a quiet, pretty good. Unfortunately the hotel's Chinese restaurant is to boast about.
  • digican
    Hotel of location very superior, make in the take static, distance lively of South drums Xiang and Houhai also on walk 10 minutes around, near also has many celebrity live had of House. hotel is by several save relative full of courtyard composition, small and fine. garden in the Green brick gray w dill spent reset stone, hospital within carved antique, hotel staff is enthusiasm, also has hand with visit introduced has whole hotel, is experience traditional culture good of select.
  • cuowawa
    Is expensive and bad lie, don't live
  • jessicaxiao1016
    About 10 minutes ' walk from Xidan station, service very good, Chinese-style breakfast is also good. coincided with 11 points and water that night, and after consulting the Manager on duty was delayed for half an hour without water, sensible recommendations.
  • fanfanfanfanfan
    Has is the second stay at the transformation of the old Beijing courtyard environment, great front desk service was good especially Italy beauty services? speak fluent Chinese only drawback is no double bed in hotel room
  • Aricguo
    Good location, good service, good facilities, next time you will go to
  • rxy0930
    Good service and facilities is a bit dated, is still recommended.
  • minostar
    Pros: It is not everyday you live in a part of history. The hotel is a remodeled mansion of a famous Manchu general in the Qing dynasty. The detailed painting from the railings to the balcony are done with exquisite craftsmanship. It is a perfect place to travel back in time and relive the glory of the dynasty. The hotel is walking distance from a famous street filled with street vendors and quick bites. There is also a subway station nearby, and is only a few stops to anywhere you want to be, e.g. forgidden city, temple of heaven etc. The staff in the hotel is polite and attentive. All request are taken care of in a timely manner. Cons: This being in the middle of the city in a real relic, there arent many amenities. Dont expect a gym or a pool. There are 2 dining areas, western and Chinese. Western food is not something you want to get at this sort of place, but the Chinese restaurant is reserved for only very high end banquets, e.g. 900 RMB per person. Only choice is room service, which is very expensive in comparison. A common dish will run you almost 200RMB, about 10x the market price in a decent restaurant in the city. The free breakfast buffet is very limiting and well below the qualities of comparable places with the same room rate. The rooms though nicely decorated, but felt damp and smelled of an old building (something you should probably expect living in a 400 year old building. In conclusion, we enjoyed our stay and would recommend it to our friends.
  • samma
    Not to go after, not good
  • bpinj
    Well, do not have a flavor, second stay at
  • morufen
    Very happy with this travel. colleagues praise for this hotel. to Beijing will have to feel it.
  • XUYI19730623
    Very good location, quiet, only a few minutes walk from the South Gong and drum lane
  • jmyssj
    Very good hotel, room very comfortable. service extremely helpful. just add more Chinese elements in the room would be better.
  • cobblepei
  • lisaae
    A very special hotel
  • ROMULUS911
  • job324
    Hotel is located in the North of Nan Luo Gu Xiang, Bing Ma Si Hutong, Nan Luo Gu Xiang, from the subway station a five or six minutes to go, Manager very friendly and showed us around the courtyard, and introduce, albeit, under the hotel bed was gray, a must see.
  • gasbomb
    All right
  • rydtse
    Very nice, hotel facilities good, and thoughtful service, highly recommended!
  • e00173024
    Restaurant staff very good, I am a man with a baby of four months is not convenient meals, they help get sent to my desk, I'm almost finished then offered up more rice, Zambia
  • danbao
    Very good hotel, great service ... had a wonderful weekend in Beijing.
  • Jane0607
    Service needs to improve, other good
  • cui8989110
    Three in three out of the yard, city flavor. 51, and around nanluoguxiang was laid back. just been drifting rain that day, the scenery more beautiful ... rug sofa a little bit old, a little, the virtues
  • baoer366
    It's not bad
  • lisuya
    Stunning courtyard in the heart of the city, in addition to Prince Gong's mansion and rich private courtyard of the forbidden city here. South Gong and drum lane is a crowded place, Baishi meters beyond the yard quiet makes people wonder. where can even hear the sound of falling leaves, Koi in a pond to turn voice ... ... So beautiful ... There is a place where the design is not in place to point it out, is the tub in the bathroom, shower above the bath, water falling out of the bathtub must drip into the groundAnd there is no drain on the floor, watching the ground water, guests have no any way no MOP is ... ...
  • liyifan11
    First change a hotel this hotel service and sanitation are quite nice to come to Beijing or the hotel
  • bestai
    We stayed for 4 nights, if I had to choose again, stay two night experience the courtyard is enough, since accommodations and five-star hotels than there is still a wide gap. Hotel Imperial dishes produced good, help booking tours to Simatai service is also in place.
  • betty0000423
    Upscale elegant cable's House was an air
  • ms123123
    The environment is good.
  • beryl1234
    At first I went to feel old, but my husband likes, he said old deliberately, my husband feel good I feel good haha, good service, than Regent Sofitel what passion
  • george7888
    Or as quiet as a better choice
  • leina
    Beauty is not square courtyard.