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Han's Royal Garden Hotel Beijing is located on the side of the long axis of the central axis of the Forbidden City of Beijing. The hotel faces the Guozijian to the east, Shichahai to the west, the Bauhinia City to the south, the Bell and Drum Tower to the north, and walks at Di'anmen to see the three mountains of the pool of Jingshan and the North Sea.

Han's Royal Garden Hotel Beijing is a member of the World Famous Small Luxury Hotel Alliance in China. It is built on the basis of the royal palace of General Bingmasi in the Qing Dynasty. A luxury boutique hotel.

The hotel uses traditional Chinese gardening techniques to show the grandeur and grandeur of the palace. There are precious calligraphy and paintings displayed everywhere, rosewood rosewood furniture, and treasures in the courtyard. The hotel concentrates a variety of luxurious suites in Chinese and Western styles. At the same time, it is equipped with a magnificent Chinese restaurant, a royal palace hospitality hall, and provides authentic palace royal meals, tea, and imperial hall theater theater. Restaurant, bar, cigar bar, wine house, aromatherapy spa area and other high-end supporting facilities. Here the Chinese and Western blend, ancient and modern blend, let you enjoy the extraordinary treats like an emperor in the mellow silk bamboo and the fragrance of mahogany.
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  • e00097036
    All right
  • crisbigo
    European friends first times to Beijing, special selected has this Courtyard Hotel, traffic convenient, make in the take static, three into three out of courtyard is has style, room in also is partial international standard of layout, for first times to China of foreigners, to they a excessive, not too Chinese. hotel environment very good, service also didn't of said. just shower and tub in with not too convenient, and shower no handheld of, only top type spent sprinkled, regulation water temperature not too convenient. breakfast Western mainly, Is also very good, mostly quiet, good services. price a little expensive, but you pay a price for a stock. is recommended.
    Hotel location was good but the decoration is very old. is basically a Samsung standards. breakfast sucks eat such poor breakfast for a long time. Juice is a blend of milk are made of dubious origin, porridge is a clear soup. Inside most of the decoration is vintage Western we stayed in 2980. Next day opposite House in paradise
  • Cilia Sun
    Good choice, General Fu in fine style. South Gong and drum lane beside, traveling very convenient. good services.
  • danbao
    Very good hotel, great service ... had a wonderful weekend in Beijing.
  • emcwf
    Well a courtyard-style hotel, in downtown's quiet, transportation is convenient, is very characteristic, will have the opportunity to continue to stay
  • sen8376
    Good WiFi fast around is easy
  • dantas007
    Hotel is located in the alley was hard to find, many taxi drivers are reluctant to get into alley. Hotel naozhongqujing, service very polite, hotel facilities, is a Chinese culture characteristic of the hotel, the hotel is very satisfied with everything, highly recommended to tired of the ordinary five-star hotel friends. will stay next time.
  • duman1110
    Culvert Jane Park Hotel too Rod has, this live has culvert Jane Park suite, courtyard of style, is said to have here original is General House, is privilege to here staying, environment elegant, low-key of luxury, is pleasant, front desk also has beautiful of foreign beauty, here two minutes arrived South Gong Xiang, himself around is has been is wants to of feel. Pro-are to experience's. HA.
  • yan030
    Position is fine. Ok Service, nothing special but not bad at all.
  • jingjing121
    It wasn't too bad
  • mirrorsmallcat
    Poetic winter rather than summer, South Gong and drum lane is really close to, 100 m
  • cintia1205
    Environment is super good! like
  • fan8169
    Very bad of staying experience. just live in on garden views also is satisfaction, behind of experience on didn't so good has. night bath hot not hot, second days bath directly no hot. most was cannot too weird of is second days night of sheets actually has Bowl big a hole! this is luxury hotel the appeared of situation did? for sheets of people impossible see missing explained so big of hole's! so this is deliberately of! call to front desk sent has a a people to for, asked why will appeared this situationChange only; it is not her! do not even sorry! this thing makes a very bad impression to us, never to choose this hotel!
  • coragao
    Good hotel! next time will stay!
  • cy21115
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy, compared to the same grade hotel, very clean.
  • e00892361
    This is second times staying culvert Jane Park, yiqian summer to live, Park within flowers lush, more comfortable, winter to is slightly has bleak of sense. but, live in culvert Jane Park does is very good, very worth of experience. traditional culture breath strong, room enough big, bed also enough wide, with child of without added bed also enough sleep of, room within facilities fine comfortable, service also is intimate. this live have time more long, has several meal rice are is in hotel in of in the restaurant eat of, do of dish taste also is good (just priceGuelho a bit expensive). all in all is a good choice for family holiday.
  • e00036099
    Nice, the next time you set
  • juutetsu
    Garden Hotel,
  • fanfanfanfanfan
    Has is the second stay at the transformation of the old Beijing courtyard environment, great front desk service was good especially Italy beauty services? speak fluent Chinese only drawback is no double bed in hotel room
  • awentu
    Live Suite only containing a a people breakfast, dinner of when children also charges and at not said, we noon in rooms rest hard knock let signed, is annoying, at why not signed? yesterday staying has, afternoon actually has waiter knock hand in also took with door card said they rooms Manager charger may in this room in can came in find find did? what thing Ah, I live of room you in here charging? also took room card to came in find find, we lost things do?
  • e02653470
    Which is very nice
  • E00236235
    Good location, South Gong and drum Lane No 5 minutes maximum, which belongs to the quiet place. it was stated that part here used to be suoetu's old House, is not small. We Check in with the child, so help us to upgrade to the Eastern Mediterranean suite (two bedrooms, one of them is a small bed). hotel facilities were good, that is, or the air conditioning system warm, very hot and very dry. breakfast needs to be improved, too few species every day, and 98This price is very expensive.
    A Word. praise is indeed very beautiful courtyard, very fun, give the waiter took the children to visit the whole yard up a lot of knowledge
  • e00723399
    Location is good, service is also available, compared to the same grade Hotel high cost performance
  • ppandff
    Prices are expensive, but most of the equipment is very old, freezer not cooling, toilets were bad, poor shower water. waiters are trained without the hotel, very professional, rural feeling like low-grade restaurant waiter.
  • E Way walkers
    Downtown static soil. bathrooms are elegant. take a taxi is difficult.
  • loveyini
    Hotel is very beautiful, location or cuisine restaurant, Roomservice, tastes great. but the real problem is that hotel's actual does not short, decoration and all some old ones
  • csc007
    Hotel location is not saying, but slightly old rooms, there is a ceiling mildew are bad.
  • dada666
    Fa?ade see with not eyes, inside does don't has a scene, antique, Beijing full, very like, facilities also is good, front desk returned to upgrade has room type, and sent new year small gift, very intimate. out alley a is famous of South drums Xiang, many shop and snacks, special lively. walk to Temple Imperial College also is near of. yihou has opportunities also to experience a put summer in yard in shade of feel.
  • lisuya
    Stunning courtyard in the heart of the city, in addition to Prince Gong's mansion and rich private courtyard of the forbidden city here. South Gong and drum lane is a crowded place, Baishi meters beyond the yard quiet makes people wonder. where can even hear the sound of falling leaves, Koi in a pond to turn voice ... ... So beautiful ... There is a place where the design is not in place to point it out, is the tub in the bathroom, shower above the bath, water falling out of the bathtub must drip into the groundAnd there is no drain on the floor, watching the ground water, guests have no any way no MOP is ... ...
  • fannyfang75
    Hotel very high specification
  • Deerm
    Very nice hotel, detail design in good taste and the service is warm and considerate, will definitely stay again next time!
  • dding0614
    Around Nice, nice hotel facilities also need to be improved, shower good. taxis is not convenient, others are good.
  • bitbubu
    Form of quadrangles, no service bad food at the hotel reception warm
  • fjsm11
    Adjacent to the South Gong and drum Lane, cross is taken outside the House, staff are very polite enthusiasm, recommendation-
  • jwb_228
    Environment is great, very cross, room normal, no shower is too much trouble, but occasionally it's values. good staff attitude, very friendly
  • A Abu
  • forevergj
    Breakfast as the comments by said of is poor is poor is poor not this price should some standard service attitude is good especially front desk of responsive also is good of but breakfast hope can strengthening due to may room less guest still not more so breakfast if too more will caused many waste actually big can put buffet form into points single of form such not caused waste and also will meet guest of taste cost also not high. put Chinese and WesternBreakfast menu guests prefer what looks to adopt
  • Lovely acridine heads
    Pattern a few good, but the room carpet traces many cigarette butts like a Guest House not like hotels
  • eneas
    Hotels near the South Gong and drum Lane, hang out very convenient. rug in the lobby wearing a hard, rigid staff services, because of flight delays, arrived at the hotel it was two o'clock in the morning, and told her that require late check out until two o'clock in the afternoon, her business refused, makes people feel uncomfortable on. after the experience of this hotel, you won't live. the preparation of the next election to him,
  • m03116995
    First thanks Hotel aspects free upgrade of suite. hotel is located in South drums Xiang East alley within. Although outside packed. hotel near people relative compared rare. quiet, daze are is right. room internal clean, due to stairs era more long lift frame relative more short compared suppressed. service completely no pick. due to to shop more early, luggage put in front desk. night back Hotel Hou all luggage are was into room within. has hand led back room. is praise. only insufficient, breakfast miserable points.Girlfriend evaluation of corn is not sweet! very satisfied!
  • jerry130
    Personal feeling bad.
  • cbl7766
    That's good
  • bingyan407
    Overall decor of the hotel is a palace-style, elegant, very unique. Unfortunately, interior decoration of the room was a bit ordinary.
  • stormgod
    Courtyard building, hotel quite features, is he of selling, on in South drums Xiang in, make in the take static, away from shop Shi was introduced hotel environment and history, also good, just small girl with focus is in Description Hotel within device how expensive, mahogany furniture value how many money,, slightly somewhat was does not apply, and put hotel site wrong said into cable amount figure of sites, actually is General House, should improved. also has is breakfast can days completely not variable, I is drunk has.
  • Allen871014
    Very good, the service was warm,
    Garden design less delicate, so rare big courtyard should be more elaborately, not pure retro, but to fully embody the make, the perfect combination of modern and vintage fair fees
  • aronlong
    Hotel on in South drums Xiang inside, location very good, to shichahai, gong Palace, Bell drum are very convenient, is original of General House alterations, make in the take static. garden layout antique of, is experience Beijing courtyard of good place. service also very in place, we original set of room of shower somewhat points problem, call immediately sent people solution, Hou for Lane bad, immediately help I upgrade room, Advisory front desk to all attractions of route is clear detailed of told, fear has problem alsoHelp me to search the Internet for me. the breakfast OK.
  • liubo_0220
    Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel, formerly sovereign House, antique, happy