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Han's Royal Garden Boutique Hotel Beijing is a boutique hotel within easy reach of popular Beijing attractions like the Forbidden City,  Tian'anmen Square,  the Beijing Drum Tower and the Beijing Bell Tower.

Set within one of the capital's remaining hutong neighborhoods,  Han's Royal Garden focuses on personalized service and the presentation of traditional Beijing culture and style in a modern context. [View Detail]

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  • daisy520daisy
    Copper drums Lane, is a little hard to find, great palace designed by foreigners as a waiter, answered the phone in Chinese are unclear, but very passionate, very elegant and amazing.
  • bdy311
    Because rain garden there are lots of places to go back to Beijing, and then to live under one, the staff service very good
  • annabell627
    The location was excellent, convenient, is to take a taxi is not very convenient.
  • gimstar
  • fjsm11
    Adjacent to the South Gong and drum Lane, cross is taken outside the House, staff are very polite enthusiasm, recommendation-
  • blueocean1961
    Hotel in quiet environment, service very carefully.
  • It newly rich
    Booked a deluxe room, Deluxe hotel front desk said no, to upgrade to a suite, and suite cold, but very small. eventually spend 700 Yuan has been replaced by a better suite. hotels with no conscience
  • RogerYao
    Very quiet, very unique, good service, nice
  • cl661111
    This hotel is suitable for travellers, located in the old courtyard alley, where taxis are not allowed, the towels in the bathroom very low, showers installed in the center of bath, extremely easy to use and very dirty old shower head, water is very small, hot water is a long time to come out, so sorry for more than 1000 Yuan a night price.
  • e01908689
    Very nice hotel, the location, and layout atmosphere quiet. has decided to fall again!
  • jj15733860
    Is located in South drums Xiang near, has himself of parking spaces, this in South drums Xiang area is not more of. this hotel is completely Chinese garden design, is has past Palace mansion door of taste. we live in II floor suite, space Super big, but internal design than outside so wonderful. Chinese building need high have more of maintenance funding, hotel some place has revealed out old has. early restaurant in underground, feel is Republic period of design style, food material regardless of quality also is number are to be mentionRose, this is the hotel obviously short Board. also there is no fitness center.
  • pigpigjie
    Didn't want to live Street, wants to around Beijing old alley, accidentally found to he home. skeptical scheduled, to Beijing night into hotel on like has, must is cleared period a bit King Pro-dignitaries of old house transformation of, internal environment is good. I to of suite, room within facilities also is good, night rest is good, also is convenient met guest. I continuous two dial guest met, other are is stunning I live of hotel room, has one even find I to hotel contact way, said next they company abroadGuests can also arrange to live here. Hotel is near the South Gong and drum Lane, you can get up early to go out. The ointment is, additional services in the hotel poor Tea teahouse has no air conditioning or fan, Beijing in July, it is not. only breakfast place cool tea and coffee in the basement, the problem is a waste of a good internal environment!
  • pcpsenlin
    Had to say that the location of the hotel in the South Gong and drum lane location too well and the attitude of the hotel staff really excellent special enthusiasm for free upgrade suite hotel is a taste of old Beijing Beijing will have to live here
  • davisyew
    A little grandiose feeling ... don't like the taste of the lobby to the restaurant.
  • adimao
    Hotel is really good! straggly gardens, stay here for two days, sitting in the courtyard, a kind of feeling of crossing! see our children are very enthusiastic for the elderly at the front desk upgraded our room!
  • danjames
    Is quiet has atmosphere of a between alley in of Courtyard Hotel, within Chamber elegant, courtyard chic, worth fine products. room within facilities slightly old, can accept range. Although on in South drums Xiang of behind, can hotel location compared embarrassing, outside of Qin old alley, North soldiers Sima alley are in Pu asphalt, led to travel very very inconvenience, only walk, full is GA boom GA boom of stone, luggage box also fast was drag bad has. check out Shi Hotel stressed help we called taxi, results, has more than 50 minutesTaxi are didn't to, hotel in of service personnel also dragged perfunctory, no people is responsible for processing. even is we car are also didn't to, help we called car of waiter was run to has dinner. OK has waiter help we mention luggage to Alley mouth called car, finally in late peak playing Shang has car, arrived airport has will to boarding time, almost on was Hotel delay has trip. perfect of began has has a not happy of end, on this between hotel of impression also on big discount has.
  • wangjun1116
    Hotel is good location good, is has features, has been are wants to live Xia courtyard, this rare opportunities, in national during actually can live to so good of hotel real rare, is worth recommended, hotel for Chinese in zhongxi backdoor, location is good, West walk three minutes is South drums Xiang, away from gong Palace, Jingshan, GUI Street are is near. is hotel decoration slightly old has points ···
  • luoluo1115
    Three into the General's Office environment!
  • OX water buffaloes
  • stormgod
    Courtyard building, hotel quite features, is he of selling, on in South drums Xiang in, make in the take static, away from shop Shi was introduced hotel environment and history, also good, just small girl with focus is in Description Hotel within device how expensive, mahogany furniture value how many money,, slightly somewhat was does not apply, and put hotel site wrong said into cable amount figure of sites, actually is General House, should improved. also has is breakfast can days completely not variable, I is drunk has.
  • jenny_1979
    Characteristic is the breakfast variety
  • gigiliu1974
    Hotel location is very good, even the best decoration in the Courtyard Hotel, is quite distinctive.
  • aweiwei
    Environment is absolutely better, felt across the, location was excellent
  • e00519548
    Location is very good, in the busy districts. the unexpected quiet. very nice courtyard. Services, environment and facilities are good. not very convenient parking in the alley. taxi is difficult. but equipped with bike rental, service is more attentive. price/performance.
  • Allen871014
    Very good, the service was warm,
  • beccalew
    Very good hotel, worth the experience.
  • couper
    In front a article evaluation has said has many, hehe, also wants to added Xia, although has is good has, also can feel master of heart and strict, employees also are is good. bathroom bathtub this part personal feel really of is a bruising, bath better carefully, water will spill out, ground everywhere are is, wash finished I also to put ground lane dry, or really see not down, spent sprinkled fixed of so big, really not convenient wash HA, if can has a small bathing spent sprinkled on good has, haha. I thisKinds of people who sleep well, wish I bed comfortable good, HA HA, preferably Kerry hotel by Shangri-La or that, hahaha, lay up sleepy, haha ... a little tip. it is hoped that more people like Han's Royal Garden, the taste of Han's Royal Garden, able to read better
  • double0120
    Very nice, good location, quiet. slightly less breakfast, can understand, it's that a few rooms
  • ellieb2
    Hotel location in South luogu Lane, was the original Northern Secretary General Ma Fu. but because hotels in the alley, and taxis refused to come in, it is not convenient
  • jayeilu
    Nice features, good location, quiet. only thing bed no outlet, cell phone charging no-go.
  • e00082757
    Within walking distance to South drums Lane, Hou Hai shichahai, Jing Shan none of Yonghegong Lama Temple, forbidden city to the North Sea far away
  • Amos212
    It's OK
  • jsnjxl
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • recluse
    Not very enjoyable book! terms of the King too much, cautious reservation now!
  • Andy X
    Hotel interior very nice at night more beautiful-
  • Andreating
    Palace Luxury decoration, featured in rosewood decoration, fine silk walls. unique precious Royal 'double Shi' ground furnishings rosewood, rosewood Arhat bed, squat, armchair and other Ming and Qing-style furniture, precious ceramics on the shelf, white antique wall hanging chudo, picked celebrity pictures.
  • e01511006
    Not bad, pretty tasty, like most of the tree house, by shadow Moon is beautiful at night.
  • ansys1968
    Quiet, space, warm, if Hotel could be more convenient traffic connection is perfect thank you! looking forward to the next! thank you for sending me to pull down IP ... thanks!
  • lanlanlai
    Surrounding area very well, make quiet. service is also very good. facility slightly old, especially the bathroom, water and it is very inconvenient to use
  • Angsel
    Great stay
  • E00990375
    That's good
  • terrybogard1985
    Geographical position; because alley, car is not convenient, I use the car, drivers are delivered to the door, but if you take a taxi, it will probably refuse near hutongs. shopping alley, convenient to the shichahai, strolling out here! Hardware environment; external feels good, take care of the yard was about; but room is very general, and lived a total of three rooms, Deluxe rooms are spacious, air conditioning is very bad, old central air conditioning, temperature and air volume cannot adjust, Hot; bathroom no handheld nozzle, head a fixed nozzle crumbling, and extremely old, because with children, to children bath is not convenient; sofa, carpet is dirty! for has a suite, has living room, but room and living room are small of moved not started, bed products special wet, air conditioning as bad with; and for has a suite, area slightly big, this air conditioning, rain are didn't what problem has, but carpet, sofa also is as dirty; anyway, room facilities standard neverCompare with five-star! Breakfast in addition to rice gruel, fried egg and fried vegetables, the rest are mostly fast food, variety and less, the key is hard to eat! hotel has a Chinese restaurant, but in a private room, did not fit the table, hotel guests can only order sent to the room to eat, two, was your day! Entertainment; regular hotel fitness, swimming and leisure facilities here are not, if you're not a company holiday, or can't go out during the day to slipWhere is very boring! Service service attitude is good, polite and enthusiastic! I originally booked 7 nights but only stayed for 3 nights with children to change hotels!
  • AlanTang8
    Environment, good service, good location.
  • livictor
    Worth a visit
  • idoef
    As a unique mansion style hotel forbidden city Beijing stay was worth it, and quality of service as 5 stars hotels is not enough.
  • ballball29
    Characteristics of location and culture, of course, should bring the old man to come over very much. naozhongqujing quadrangles, each Hall and the courtyard of the hospital is so elegant, and free the fish happily in the pool.
  • flora-xu
    Environment, location, but the hardware needs to be further improved.
  • MonsterXu
    Good ... very good
  • c0nfig
    Nice surroundings, with static in the Mong Kok ... service was good
  • bettyun
    People who want to walk around for two or three days, a narrow traffic lane not too convenient car access can only walk. not many people quiet. a total of five yards is not too big, are just more than 30 rooms.