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The text brigade opportunity hotel group under the new competition strategy

Date: 2018-09-15

Brigade to the lodging industry has brought new formats, on the one hand, the hotel group has entered the melee non-standard accommodation areas, on the other hand, the domestic hotel group's local advantages under the text brigade fusion more and more obvious, more localization requires new thinking international hotel group.

On September 14, 2018 by the famous Chinese financial media "21st century business herald, a joint top domestic tourism institution nankai university school of tourism and service the host, south of finance and economics entire media group, modern tourism development of collaborative innovation center to guide the scope of the" 2018 Asian tourism industry conference "held baohua marriott hotel in Shanghai.

Conference, intercontinental hotels group in greater China, chief development officer sun jian, jinling hotel management co., LTD., President, xueming, marriott international group vice President of business development in China hotel YuGuoGang, ONYX hotel group, senior vice President and head of greater China WoHengYan, kaiyuan hotel group vice President and resort development and administration division general manager Chen Wenfang "brigade under the opportunities, the hotel group's new competition strategy" on the discussion the topic, China's tourism industry, deputy director of the institute Yang Honghao served as the host of the talks.

Under brigade fusion hotel group's new strategy

Brigade under the background of integration, the hotel improve quality and develop quality strategy?

On July 18, jinling hotel co., LTD., according to the announcement of jiangsu guosen hotel group co., LTD., 16 provincial enterprises such as hotels and tourist class the first integration into the jinling hotel group assets or state-owned shares, including 13 of the hotel, xueming, said the move to jinling hotels have a new dimension and scale changes, hotel assets and resources integration currently doing work, reshape the brand, in the aspect of text brigade, jinling also plans to set up travel hotel management company, the introduction of funds and venture capital, on the basis of existing brands, according to the market development and the upgrading of consumption, planning a new brand to match market.

Strategic competition ideas about group, xueming said. "the first is deep strategy and deep strategy is to focus on core competencies.Actual business, and how much you have the ability to do many things, and in some cases, your strategy core, can according to the international trade pattern change and adjustment, from free trade, multilateral trade to unilateral trade process of transformation, our market has a lot of uncertain factors, the deepening strategic is relatively stable strategy, and in this period of time can let enterprise gathering strength.

The second is the following strategy, now there are a lot of boss, intercontinental, marriott is the leader of the industry, go with them, and see how they play, we play with, if given the chance, can bend overtaking, without the chance to follow what also won't have too big risk, such a strategy in general is given priority to with steady, to live is successful.

Shimao starwood hotel group, there are some hotels in the complex project, shimao Tang Ming starwood hotel group President, said: "in the past to make money is basically independent hotels, and now we have a lot of hotel projects are with the text brigade, our company itself also has a theme park, xiamen con is related with the hotel, entertainment of the upcoming Shanghai shimao smurf theme park next to the intercontinental hotel, some future projects will be in the field of tourist destinations, such as wuyi mountain project will have our own hotel."

Intercontinental hotels group in greater China, chief development officer sun jian said: "from quantity to quality, intercontinental hotels group also entered a new stage, we summarized a word called" new generation ", a new generation is divided into three levels.The first level is the new generation of consumers, after 80, become the main consumption after 90, they are surfing the Internet generation, mobile phone, have their own unique new consumption, for a hotel to a city;The second level is the new product, our well-known hotel brand constantly in the development of a new generation of products, innovation, we also in cooperation with shimao, hope into red network products, let you shine at the moment.The third level is a new brand, by group existing brand appeal to consumers is not enough, also covers more subdivided market, so we bought the ruijin, this time in Hong Kong in October will be completely different brand."

Tour in plate, marriott has many resort hotel, marriott international group vice President of business development in China hotel Xie Tao said, surrounding the future will become a trend, 2 hours drive, has beautiful scenery and form a complete set of supporting high-end resort hotel, theme park and the city of dujiangyan, some cities such as this kind of region is very suitable for small and beautiful high-end boutique hotel.After entering the Chinese market, marriott international group has been trying to how to better implement localization, such as the joint venture was established with alibaba, and taobao members get through, the marriott in China mainland, general manager of the hotel closer to 80%, these actions are for the better integration with local enterprises.

ONYX hotel group, who built in Thailand before 2008 has been focused on the domestic development in Thailand, 2008 out of Asia, with current brand has in 12 countries and regions.ONYX hotel group, senior vice President and head of greater China, said WoHengYan ONYX hotel group is small and beautiful high-end course, located in famous vacation destination, pay attention to and the combination of tour industry."From the travel industry, industry trends, the hotel must not start, may be in scenic spots, theme park, leisure tourism, the back of the main industries, such as characteristic town as part of an industrial chain.